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Photography being at the forefront and foundation for Seeking Sight, it has now expanded to being an all-in photography service that caters to your brand's needs. Through countless conversations with brands, Seeking Sight heard one thing: we need social media content, at a fair price! Upon hearing that recurring problem, the creator decided to finally provide visual solutions that does exactly what your brand needs from content creators; to produce attractive, engaging, and target-audience-focused social media content.

Braveries • Social Media content

Braveries • Social Media content



Maximize your audience engagement and have a clean, seamless, and cohesive Instagram feed.

This package is for social media only (Instagram, Facebook).

Skoop Clothing • Website content

Skoop Clothing • Website content



Whether you run your business online or offline, quality photographs are still a must in order to effectively attract your audience.

This package is for e-commerce websites, which focuses more on the product, in order to highlight the important details/features.

Private Storey • Website & Social Media content

Private Storey • Website & Social Media content



This package combines the best of both worlds, by providing you with social media and website content to help you execute a seamless and cohesive brand campaign.

This package is for social media and website use, for brands who need a lifestyle, lookbook, or an editorial shoot.


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Rica Rico Designs • Social Media content

Rica Rico Designs • Social Media content

Why Invest in Seeking Sight's Visual Solutions

Seeking Sight Helps your brand seek for its signature sight, recogniZable by your target audience.

Additionally, working with Seeking Sight means faster project turnovers, produces a more cohesive project, lesser confusion, quicker communication, better quality, and ultimately, it produces a clearer goal of what images you want to achieve for your brand.


What My Clients Say

Working with June was a breeze. She made me feel comfortable and she handled instructions very well. If you are looking for an artist that can understand your vision, then June is the girl you are looking for! Shoots with June is always fun and easy.

Rica Rico, Fashion Designer
I hired Junessa as the photographer of Morena the Label’s debut collection, with the specific instruction of making our skin colors pop and our t-shirts marketable. MTL is a clothing line that celebrates sun-kissed skin, after all, and Junessa knew how to translate that into photos. I used Junessa’s work for my initial marketing campaign and we’ve only gotten good feedback from our social media audiences since. Working with Junessa was easy, fun, and best of all, effective. Definitely excited to collaborate again in the future!

Ayn Bernos, Youtuber & Owner of Morena The Label
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It is hard to find someone who has BOTH the talent and work ethic in one person. We definitely found both qualities with J since the infancy of Skoop. She has the eye for photography and the taste for graphic design.

Dominic Yu, Owner of Skoop Clothing