About the Brand

This brand was born for one simple reason: for the creator to do what she wants to do the most, which is photography. Apart from needing a platform to showcase a more curated body of work, she believes this brand can help other brands by inspiring them to be more bold and daring with their visuals.

Seeking Sight has now evolved into a business that provides solutions for brands that need to invest in striking and engaging photographs that communicate well with their target audience. Seeking Sight helps you seek for your brand's sight.


Seeking Sight not only stands for being passionate in what you do, but it also helps your brand stand out.

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Be daring and bold with your brand's voice through eye-catching photographs.

Portrait Taken by Elise Rendon

The creator

Junessa M. Rendon is a wordy and opinionated 23-year-old multimedia artist from the Philippines. She is, by nature, fond of good design, but the art of photography will always be her #1.

Seeking Sight originally started as a passion project to help Junessa rekindle her love for photography. As a creative, she felt insecure and out of place in a sea of other more talented creatives. But in the end, she pushed through and gathered the courage to fight for what she really wants to do for the rest of her life.

Every artist out there feels lost at some point. Seeking Sight is here to tell you that if you’re going through this right now, you’re not alone. Join Junessa in her journey of seeking for her sight.